Why Do Amazon Companies
Ship You Free Products?
For A Very Good Reason ... They Need Help Spreading the Word!
Studies show that many consumer purchases occur due to word of mouth from someone they know.

By joining the "Go Amazing Deals" Club, you get inside access to free (or nearly free) Amazon.com products, from companies that are looking to generate visibility and word of mouth.

When you join the Go Amazing Deals Club, you are emailed exclusive promotion codes to purchase Amazon products at 85-99% off. You will receive a large variety of products such as: pet products, kitchen accessories,  electronics, home & garden, sporting products, you name it.
Here's how it works!
Companies know that social media sharing is how they spread positive word of mouth about products. Which is why they are willing to give away for free (or at massive discounts) some incredible and popular products! It is a perfect win-win. 

In exchange for simply mentioning the product you got in your Facebook post so that friends & family get exposure to the product... you are able to get access to best selling Amazon products that normally cost $20-$50 or more for 85-99% off!

You are NOT required to post an amazon review and you are not getting any discounts in exchange for doing so. In plain English, whether you leave a review or not is totally up to you. All that we require is that you post something about the product on your Facebook: a comment, a photo, whatever you want. It's that simple! This is the perfect "win win" between company and consumer!
Access to AMAZING Exclusive Deals
Membership is LIMITED – and if you get an amazon product from us, you agree to post about It on Facebook. 

You also agree to NOT resell these products gotten for a discount on eBay, Amazon, craigslist, or any other website. These products are intended for your private use ONLY (no exceptions)!

If you agree to these Terms, then we would like to invite you to join our Deals Club ...
You get free products from Amazon. In exchange, just post about the product on your Facebook. 

"Just received a professional kitchen chef's knife! Wow this is gorgeous and something I would normally pay $40 for. Thanks!:

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Facebook Inc, or Amazon or Amazon.com. You understand that you are providing your information to Go Amazing Deals and not to Facebook or Amazon. 

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